Your Journey to Angel Investment

September 25, 2018

Angel investment. This is certainly a very popular option with entrepreneurs, and for good reason. The right angel investor can mean the very difference between failure, and great success – not only by supplying the capital needed for your business to grow, but also by offering their industry-specific expertise and contacts.

However, your journey to angel investment might not be a straightforward one…

We at the Business Funding Show recognise just how many of you are actively looking for angel investment (or are seriously thinking about it), and that there are a lot of difficulties involved in this process. This is why we have organised an ‘Evening with Angels’ event, taking place next Tuesday, at which you will be able to meet top professionals from some of the most prominent BA networks in the UK, to offer their guidance and support.

Here is an overview of our attending funders:

Angel Investment Network – AIN has 30 branches extending to 80 different countries. They have over 1M registered members with around 180K investors and 840K entrepreneurs. This makes them the largest angel investment community in the world. As a result, they’ve already raised £200 million for some of the coolest startups in the UK and across the world.

Angel Co Fund – A £100M investment fund with objectives to back promising UK businesses and help develop the business angel investment market. It makes initial investments of between £100K and £1M, alongside syndicates of business angels in order to support high potential businesses and give them the capital they need to develop and propel growth.

Angels Den – An online investment platform which ensures a lead investor is on board before it opens the funding to its wider network of investors. The lead conducts due diligence, invests their own money and often provides mentorship and connections to help the business grow. This model has proven to be highly successful with over 90% of their funded deals still in business.

SyndicateRoom – Connects ambitious investors with the country’s most trailblazing companies, and has rapidly grown to have more than 100 high-growth businesses in its portfolio. By relentlessly focusing on the interests of private investors, SyndicateRoom has developed a trusted reputation and has been recognised as Best Investment Platform at the Growth Investor Awards two years running.

Envestors – A private investor network which has completed £100m of investment into high growth companies. Over 3,000 sophisticated investors have registered on the Envestors platform and invest a minimum of £25,000 (average £42,000) per transaction.

Newable – Newable's Private Investing branch provides Private Investors, Family Offices and Corporate Investors the opportunity to invest in potentially high growth early-stage knowledge-intensive companies. Having been in operation for over 30 years (previously under London Business Angels), they have developed an extensive ecosystem of investors, co-investors and partners.

ClearlySo – Europe’s leading impact investment bank, working exclusively with businesses, charities, and funds delivering positive social, ethical, and/or environmental impact as well as financial return. They have helped more than 130 clients raise more than £200 million in impact investment from its extensive network of high-net-worth individual and institutional investors.

These companies represent a wide range of networks and deep industry expertise, which will provide a great starting point for anyone interested in angel investment. You will be able to receive advice on what angels look for in a business, as well as what you should be looking for in an angel. Standing out from the crowd is an important factor, and our attending companies will be able to share some success stories from their impressive portfolios.

Nobody will deny that there are a lot of companies which don’t make the cut when applying to a BA platform, or pitching their ideas to angels, and this is also a topic which we will cover. We will explain exactly what you need to do to avoid anything that might hinder your chances of success, how to construct a convincing pitch deck, and ultimately, choose an angel who meets the specific needs of your business.

The ‘Evening with Angels’ event will take place at 8pm on Tuesday the 2ndof October 2018, at WeWork Aldwych House. Click here for more info and to book your tickets.There are showcasing opportunities available for businesses that wish to maximise their brand exposure.

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