It's Time to Stop Learning and Start Doing!

June 20, 2018

As you know, we organise multiple events throughout the year sharing with you the different types of funding, how to secure them, how to give a winning pitch and even how to network like a pro!


After all this learning we thought it’s time to let you gather all this knowledge and present your business in front an audience eager to learn more about your business and to find ways to collaborate in order to help you grow.


Our June 26th, Showcase your Business to Investors is an exclusive, show and tell in partnership with a rooftop, the sun, drinks and of course the funders, event! This event is designed to help you showcase your business in front of an audience and show a room full of investors what your business is all about!


At this event, you can:

- Pitch your business and exhibit in front of prominent funders

- Maximise your brand awareness

- Network with entrepreneurs, lenders and funders

- Develop a strong personal network that will open up doors and build mutually beneficial relationships.


At this event the showcasing businesses receive a 5-minute slot to do their presentation. Here are 5 tips to help you pitch like a pro and be the one that everyone is talking about:


- Less is more - Ensure that your presentation is not too text heavy.

- Never hypothesise - Inspire with facts not fiction.

- Avoid being excessive - Budget wisely to show you are fiscally responsible.

- Remember that Rome was not built in a day - Demonstrate a sustainable step-and-repeat business model that is poised for exponential growth.

- Practice and be confident - Show confidence in your product to receive confidence from investors.


Need more help with preparing your pitch deck, our detailed guide can be found here.


Not ready to showcase your business? Come as an attendee and get inspired, informed and connected with the funders and the showcasing companies. Here are few tips on how to polish your networking skills and make the post out of this event


- Practice your elevator pitch: Even though you are not showcase you can still network with the funders and approach them on a 1-to-1 basis at the event.


In one minute, you should be able to explain who you are, what your business is and what makes you different. Try to make it more of a story than a robotic pitch. Demonstrate that you have a real passion behind your business.


- Do your research: Before you go to the event, check out our event page to see who will be there. If someone catches your eye, find their website and see what types of businesses they typically invest in. Do their funding criteria match your business? If so, jot down some notes on what you believe is important to say to the representative.


- Be open-minded: Perhaps you’ve been very keen to only obtain funding from business angels. Try to give other types of funding a shot! Each funder will provide a few bits of information about themselves at the beginning of the event. Take notes and then ask them to tell you a bit more about their type of funding.


- Bring a visual: If you have an app, a pitch deck, a small prototype or something of the like, bring it! Having a tangible item that allows investors to understand exactly what your product is makes the conversation much easier.


- Speak to other entrepreneurs: It’s always great to learn from your peers. There could be entrepreneurs that are in a later stage than you, so pick their brain and ask how they got to where they are today. They could know the perfect person to introduce you to.


Some of the funders you will meet at this event:

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The event begins at 17.45 and will be held at WeWork Paddington. Visit the Eventbrite page to secure your ticket now!

Want to become a sponsor? Contact us at events@businessfundingshow.com


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