Funding for Science, Tech and Innovation: Everything you need to know

June 6, 2018

Technology businesses are the heart of UK economy and are playing an important role in driving growth across the country. UK offers an outstanding environment and a strong startup culture for science, tech and innovative companies.

According to Tech Nation’s 2018 report, tech companies are growing more than double the rate of the UK economy and have experienced a record investment in 2017 despite Brexit uncertainty.

Figures complied by data firm Pitchbook for lobby group London & Partners confirmed that venture capital investment alone reached an all-time high of £2.99bn, which is almost double the total, invested in 2016. Given these statistics, London has secured its position as the world’s “third global startup ecosystem”.

Despite the high success rate of investment for science, tech and innovative startups, there is still a large number that is struggling to secure funding, as they don’t know about the wide array of options available to them.

Finding ways to fund your business is often a major concern for entrepreneurs, and we don’t want you to settle for just anything. Hence we decided to bring together the top funders and advisers who can help boost your venture at our Funding for Science, Tech and Innovation workshop being held on June 12th.

If you are looking to expand your current operation, there are three main financing options available for the science, tech and innovative sector: Debt Finance, Equity Finance and Grants.

Deciding which one is right for your business can be confusing. All three options supply a company with capital, but there are still many nuances, which need to be considered while selecting the best funding option for your business.

It’s common knowledge that debt financing involves borrowing money from a lender such as a bank. Whereas equity investors provide funding in return for a stake in the business, and grants inject capital that doesn’t have to be paid back.

The key features of these three types of funding can be seen in the table below:

As with any decision you’re likely to make in business, there are pros and cons to consider for all of the above financing options. Usually, this decision largely depends on the stage your business is at, how much money you need, and when you need it.

Hence, it’s always worth consulting with an expert. If you find that all options are available to you then it comes down to deciding what is best for your business and it’s long-term goals.

If you wish to learn more about securing funding for your science, tech or innovative venture and connect with top funders and advisors - Then join us for our 12th June workshop, ‘Funding for Science, Tech & Innovation’.

This workshop will feature:

1)     Adrian Allen of Newable – Expert in debt and equity finance

2)     Katy Levitt of SyndicateRoom – Expert in angel investment and crowdfunding

3)     Umerah Akram of Elite UK & International, London Stock Exchange – Expert in equity finance

4)     Edward Keelan of Octopus Investments – Expert in equity finance, specifically VC Funding

5)     Timothy Sawyer of Innovate UK - Expert in grants

6)     Alex Chalkley of Granted Consultancy - Expert in grants applications

The event begins at 17.45 and will be held at WeWork Aldgate Tower. Visit the Eventbrite page to secure your ticket now!

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