Obtain quality exposure

tailored events

Make the evening all about you through our tailored events. This is the perfect opportunity to help generate leads for your business within your target market, as you will not only be running the workshop in front of your specific audience, but you will also be receiving the list of attendees from the event. We will arrange the venue, attendees and other speakers (if needed) for you. The presentation will be branded to your company, and you will have complete control over the format of the event.

Reach a specific audience

Expert feature within Funding Guides

Looking to reach a sector-specific audience? Our guides outline how to obtain funding in various sectors and are sent to entrepreneurs within the given sectors. The guides include research, case studies and investor profiles. We will place your advertisements and expert features in the ideal location for you and make your contact information visible.

Showcase to our network

bespoke promo campaign

Reach a network of up to 70,000 funders and entrepreneurs instantly through our newsletter. We will create a campaign that highlights your company and what you are offering. You will have the choice to send us an HTML newsletter, or we will design a branded newsletter for you. This service is ideal for those wishing to promote a specific offer.

Increase your visibility

expert column feature

Increase your visibility as a Thought Leader amongst our newsletter subscribers and social networks. Write a 300- to 500-word article that educates entrepreneurs while also promoting your business. The article is shared in our ‘Expert Column’ portion of our newsletter as well as amongst all social networks, including over 50 relevant LinkedIn groups.

Join a network of entrepreneurs and funders

funder & supporter membership

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